How much is your minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is $90. This means if your tattoo takes less than 30 min,

we would consider it a minimum charge.

What do your artists charge per hour?

Our prices range between artists from $100/hr- $175/hr.

This is based on experience.  New artists are less expensive, experienced artists are more expensive.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes we take walk ins whenever our schedule allows. However, we do recommend booking appointments to secure your selected date, or if you were seeking a certain artist as they all work different days.

How does the consultation process work?

Consultations are recommended for anyone seeking a custom design. They generally only last 10-15 minutes, and allow you the opportunity to discuss your idea with an artist directly. Custom designs take about 2 weeks to receive, however this will vary depending upon how busy your choosen artist is at that point in time. Once you receive your drawing, you are free to make any changes you feel necessary until the design is exactly how you envisoned it.

Please note that while the actual consultation appointment is free of cost, we do charge drawing fees which range from $20-$100 (payable in cash) at the time of the consultation. The reason we charge drawings fees is because our artists put alot of time into designing each piece, and some can even take several days to complete.

Is there a deposit fee?

We do require a deposit to secure your tattoo appointment.  $50 for small pieces and $100 for a large piece.

Deposits are non-refundable. We require 24 hours notice for anyone seeking to reschedule an appointment.

If you are getting a piece which requires more than one sitting, your deposit will be taken off of your very last sitting.

Please treat your receipt as cash, keep it on you and provide it upon payment for your tattoo.  If you pay for your deposit over the phone, a copy of the receipt will be emailed to you which you can provide at the time of payment.  We will not be responsible for lost receipts so please keep them safe!

What is the minimum age?

  1.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  No person under the age of 18 will be tattooed at Liquid Amber Tattoo.

What if I bring my parents?

No. We have no idea if that skinny, beardy, cracky looking fellow is your uncle, your father, or some dude you paid to act like your father.  We would need to have birth certs for both you and your “dad/mom” ,matching last names on said birth certs, DNA analysis etc. etc. etc.  This is a pain in the ass for us and you, so we forgo this whole process and insist you wait till you are 18.  It’s ok, it’s just a couple of weeks away anyway.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different threshold for pain and so everyone has a different experience. For the most part, it is never as bad as people build it up to be, or your friends will lead you to believe. People have describe the sensation as similar to a cat’s scratch or bad sunburn, and most find it more annoying than anything (especially given that you’re required to sit still for a length of time).

What is the most painful area?

This also varies between individuals, but generally the most tender areas include the ribs, upper under arm (near the armpit),  elbows, knees, the backs of elbows and knees. and the collar bone.

***Wherever you decide to receive your tattoo, just remember that the pain is fleeting, but the tattoo lasting. So it is important to receive your tattoo in the area you want it most, and not to select the spot based on pain threshold.

What are the aftercare instructions?

After you receive your tattoo, we will put a bandage on it. You only need to leave this on for 2-3 hours. Once you take it off, we ask that you first wash your hands, then gently rinse off you tattoo with hot water (as hot as you can stand). This may sting for a few seconds, but the heat helps in promoting fewer scabs. Please let it air dry- do not towel dry! The following day, you can begin moisturizing your tattoo about 2-3 times a day. An unscented, non-pertrolium based creme is best. We do sell an all-natural creme at the shop, but unscented lubriderm works great as well.

Your tattoo will most likely scab up- this is completely natural. These scabs are attached to little pieces of ink, so it is important for them to stay on as long as possible until they fall off naturally. When they do, your new skin might look shiny or milky for a few days, once this passes, your tattoo should be nearly healed. The whole process takes about 2 weeks, but can take longer for some people.

Some things should be avoided while healing a tattoo. This includes swimming, (or submerging your tattoo in water for any length of time), and tanning.

Also, depending upon where your tattoo is, loose clothing is recommended.

*Please note that because people have different skin types, our aftercare instructions may very between clients.

 *** Please Note***

Please only bring one person with you to your appointment if you need someone to hold your hand. We are not a large shop, and the artists need space to work. Thank you!