About Justina

Due to a high volume of interest in Justina’s work, we I have created a wait list to better accommodate all our prospective clients. Currently, her wait list sits at approx. 1 year.  If you would like to be tattooed by Justina, please call our shop to be added to her wait list.  Thank you! *

If you ask Justina how she got into tattooing she will laugh and answer “with cats and dogs.” Justina worked as a veterinary technician for 5 years and during that time she tattooed her share of animals. One night, she got the idea to take the tattoo machine home and try it on herself. Keep in mind she wasn’t a rookie, Justina had been an artist her whole life and even graduated from art school so she knew what she was doing. That said I bet you can’t get her to show you the first tattoo she did without blushing. Eventually she really started getting the knack of it and pretty soon her friends were asking her to do work on them too. That’s when Justina started to study tattoo artistry and the related medical information.

Justina’s tattoo career really took a turn for the best during her travels to Paris where she met a fellow artist by the name of Philippine. This woman worked on many different mediums and tattoo’s happened to be one of them. Justina especially loved Philippine’s studio which was filled with sculptures, drawings, pictures of tattoos and hundreds of books. It encompassed everything a tattoo shop should be, in Justina’s opinion, an artists’ heaven. Until meeting Philippine Justina had observed the tattoo industry to be entirely male-orientated. Artists like Philippine and Justina are replacing the traditionally bearded face of tattooing with a fresh new female style which includes class and pure hawtness!


About Jeremy

Jeremy grew up in Northern Canada, in Nunavut. His childhood was spent wrangling polar bears, and herding seals. After 16 years of consuming nothing but fish, whale blubber, and venison, Jeremy decided to leave the ice and try his hand at city living.

Initially, Jeremy was frightened by the loud noises and electrical lights of Vancouver. However, after being recruited into a Christmas musical (because of his many distinct elf-like resemblances), Jeremy finally learned that there was more than one colour, white,  in the universe. So he bought himself a pack of crayons, and began his early art days doodling along sidewalks of local business. Justina one day, happened along one of these masterpieces, and realized she had a sidewalk chalk savant on her hands. She instantly hired Jeremy, and he has now had a prospering tattoo career for seven years now.

Reminiscent of his early sidewalk days, Jeremy thoroughly enjoys large colourful challenging pieces.


About Jenny

Jenny has returned from Maternity leave! Please call the shop to book your consultation.

Jenny was born in North Vancouver, the younger of two children, and it was there that she spent the happy-go-lucky days of her youth. As a preteen she moved with her family to Singapore. It was in Singapore, and other travels, that she developed a greater interest in different cultures and their art. She later returned to B.C., finished highschool, and enrolled at U.B.C. Her university years left her with a B.A. in Studio Art and a resume full of lackluster summer jobs. After finishing school Liquid Amber Tattoo scooped her up as an apprentice, and she has been a tattoo artist since 2007. Jenny loves all forms or art, but especially “low brow” and pin-up girls. Her favourite style to tattoo is realistic, such as portraits, but welcomes any style and will take on any challenge. She plans to be a part of Liquid Amber Tattoo for a long time, and will continue her exploration of diverse cultures and art.