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West Coast Tattoo Show Host Chris NunezDecember 27, 2017
11 days to go.

About Us

About Jeremy

Jeremy grew up in Northern Canada, in Nunavut. His childhood was spent wrangling polar bears, and herding seals. After 16 years of consuming nothing but fish, whale blubber, and venison, Jeremy decided to leave the ice and try his hand at city living.

Initially, Jeremy was frightened by the loud noises and electrical lights of Vancouver. However, after being recruited into a Christmas musical (because of his many distinct elf-like resemblances), Jeremy finally learned that there was more than one colour, white,  in the universe. So he bought himself a pack of crayons, and began his early art days doodling along sidewalks of local business. Justina one day, happened along one of these masterpieces, and realized she had a sidewalk chalk savant on her hands. She instantly hired Jeremy, and he has now had a prospering tattoo career for seven years now.

Reminiscent of his early sidewalk days, Jeremy thoroughly enjoys large colourful challenging pieces.

Welcome to West Coast Tattoo Show Website

West Coast Tattoo Show was first conceptualized by Justina Kervel & Luvia Petersen while they were traveling together in Paris in the year 2000.  Upon meeting an artist named Phillipine of Kaplan Art Studio, inspiration and desire to contribute to the rise and support of female tattoo artists would spawn the motivation to make a mark in the industry.  This ‘new world’ idealism inspired Justina to start her own studio out of her home and quickly began making a name for herself as one of Vancouver’s most talented up and coming artists.  Within a year she had gained enough clientele and experience to open her own shop; so with the help of business partner Luvia Petersen she did just that.

West Coast Tattoo Show opened the summer of 2001 as a quaint little shop on 4th and Alma in Vancouver’s Kitsilano area.  The Kitsilano location on West 4th would be Liquid Amber’s home for 4 ½ years until a bigger location was needed. Liquid Amber now resides at 62 Powell Street in Vancouver’s Gastown area and is home to a growing base of diversely talented established and upcoming artists. This predominately female operated studio boasts a welcoming atmosphere for all walks of life.

Whether it is your first tattoo or your 56th you can be rest assured that Justina, Luvia and the entire Liquid Amber family will make it their number one priority to ensure you have a pleasant and unique experience when receiving your tattoo!


This Home page will be used to tell about upcoming events, guest artists, gallery openings and any other General News pertaining to the shop.
There are a number of new features on our website including new artist gallery’s
which will be constantly updated as well as consultation forms that connect you
directly with the artist of your choice.


Our chosen charity for this year’s convention is The Central Okanagan Hospice Association. (COHA)
COHA provides practical, physical, emotional and social care and support aimed at providing comfort and improving the quality of life for those living with or dying from advanced illness. In addition, COHA provides bereavement support for families and loved ones experiencing grief.
All proceeds from poster and t-shirt sales will go towards COHA. Thank-you!

This year, the West Coast Tattoo Show is hosting a Pin-up Pageant!

1st Prize $300
2nd Prize $200
3rd Prize $100

Finally done at the #Westcoasttattooshow 10+ hours #westcoasttattoos #colortattoo #colorportrait #carlostorresart #armtattoo #colorroses #inkedfemales #girlswithtattoos such a honor replicating this piece of art. @carlostorresart

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